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PRINCE Warrior 100 ESP - Tennis Racket

RM 379.90

The Warrior racket series by Prince offers a perfect symbiosis of power and spin.


Warrior 100 ESP offers a virtually perfect combination of power, comfort and spin. It was developed specifically for modern baseline play. Unwanted vibration is reduced by the unique Double Bridge Technology. The racket is made of a 100% graphite composite.


  • Double Bridge Technology reduces and absorbs frame and string vibration.
  • EXO3 Technology: Enlarged eyelets in the frame allow for more movement of the string and increase the sweet spot (perfect impact point) by up to 54%. The result is that less volleys are hit in the wrong way and you make less mistakes.
  • ESP Technology (Extreme String Pattern) adds up to 30% more spin and better touch. Top spin drives the volley higher, which helps to eliminate faults.


  • Head size (cm²):  645
  • String pattern:  14/16
  • Profile (mm):  24-26-22
  • Weight unstrung (g):  290
  • Technologies:  Beast Battle, DB - Double Bridge, ESP - Extreme String Pattern, EXO³, TCT - Thermo-Carbon Technology
  • Length (mm):  686
  • Balance (mm):  325
  • Strung:  No

Note: Pros often customize the racket they use. Racket specifications on endorsed consumer models may vary from the models used by Pros for match-play.

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