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WILSON Roland Garros Team - Tennis Racquet

RM 549.90

Super lightweight and and easy to swing, the Roland Garros Team features a construction that emphasizes comfort and maneuverability. The lightweight nature of the frame makes it easier to handle volleys around the net and crank out easy groundstrokes from the baseline without stressing the arm or shoulder. 

A slightly head-heavy design with extended length in the handle for added court coverage, the Roland Garros Team envelopes elements of power and forgiveness within its arm-friendly framework.


  • Double Hole Technology - Larger grommet holes grant more string movement, generating extra power and creating greater ball pocketing for improved shock absorption.
  • Parallel Drilling - Grommet construction provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response while dramatically increasing the sweet spot.
  • Composite - Mix of high-end composite materials create more stiffness for better control in a lightweight composition.
  • Graphite composition provides excellent mix of control, feel and power with strong construction
  • Ultra lightweight frame allows for ideal maneuverability and swing speed
  • Parallel Drilling provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response
  • Double Holes increases string bed flex, inducing smoother feel and enhanced power
  • Extra length provides extended reach and court coverage
  • Design inspired by style and elegance of Roland Garros
  • Pre-strung


  • Head (sq cm):  664
  • Head (sq in):  103
  • Length (cm):  69.2
  • Length (in):  27.25
  • String Pattern:  16x20
  • Strung balance (cm):  35.1
  • Strung balance (pts):  +1
  • Strung weight (grams):  267
  • Strung weight (ounces):  9.42
  • Taper System (mm):  23.5 FB
  • Unstrung balance (cm):  34.1
  • Unstrung balance (pts):  -1
  • Unstrung weight (grams):  251
  • Unstrung weight (ounces):  8.85
  • Grip Size:  2 (4 1/4)
  • Racquet Cover Not Included

*Pros often customize the racket they use. Racket specifications on endorsed consumer models may vary from the models used by Pros for match-play.

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